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    As you are well aware, CEDIA 2006 has come and gone and a lot of exciting products were introduced that promise to change the face of Home Theater. HTF was there, and we have been reporting on what we saw. In the threads below discussions have been started based on a lot of what we saw and heard with our own eyes and ears. And a lot of members, some of whom have actually starting using some of the products discussed, have chimed in with some valuable first hand contributions. We heartily encourage participation in these threads as there is absolutely no substitute for hearing from personal experiences to see if the reality lives up to the hype.

    Eventually, CEDIA 2006 will be just a memory and we will be focusing on next year's event. But rest assured that we don't plan to abandon these threads. When the time is right we will redirect (or move) the threads here to the appropriate sections of the forum. That way, anything contributed in this section will have a lasting impact on the forum as a whole.

    The ripples from CEDIA 2006 are still fresh in our minds and some of the products we saw are now just reaching the vendors so there will be life for this section for some time to come. And interactions between those who have "been there, saw that" (or who are contemplating this) are encouraged since this can benefit the entire membership. In fact, if you feel that we haven't addressed a particular issue that was raised at CEDIA 2006 feel free to start any pertinent new thread to get a dialogue going. As with all threads, what grows here will eventually find its way to a appropriate area of the forum so your efforts will not be wasted. The common theme right now is CEDIA 2006 and all its aspects. Some of us were there (as were some of you) and many of you have expressed an interest in some of the topics being discussed. In several cases members have already acted on these interests and now have (or shortly will become) owners and users - in other words, experts. Your contributions are what this is section is all about. Press releases get your attention. Real world experiences get you valuable information.

    Note: I'm leaving this thread open for now in case anyone wants to share thoughts about what is discussed in my message. Please leave any discussion regarding specific products shown at CEDIA to specific threads about those products (or start a thread of your own regarding anything we missed. Thank you.)

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