Oppo BDP-93 HDMI 1 issues

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Type A, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Any other 93 owners find their HDMI 1 output takes forever to handshake? I had contacted Oppo on this but they only recommended trying another cable, they also mentioned that the QDEO processor can be a little finicky. Any time I have initial power-up or when launching a video (disk or Netflix) theres lots of purple and snow flashing back and forth for, what seems like, forever. If I swap to HDMI 2 it solves this issue immediately.I purchased this player, in no small part, for the HDMI 1 output so Im really hoping to find if others have this issue. Pretty sure its not my system. Ive run this player with multiple displays, AVRs and cables and always the same result. Last thing I want to do is go through the time and trouble of boxing, shipping, and just plain being without my beloved Oppo only to be told that my player is "operating within specifications."

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