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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with the online retailer "digitalcraze" and has had a better experience than my personal interactions with them.

    Despite how nice a product is the more obscure the brand/model the more difficult it is to find accessories for them. Today I was looking to purchase a pair of speaker stands for my rear satellites (Focal Dome) and found them advertised on this retailers website. I contacted them and asked if they still had them available and in stock (which they were available but not in stock) since the site did not show when it was last updated. The person I spoke with told me they had none of the products advertised on the website in stock but they order them and ship them after they are received. He asked the product I was inquiring about and told me flat out they would not order this pair of stands ($325) because it was not worth the hassle for such a small order (even though they advertise it on their website). Obviously I was a little ticked off and found them at a different website which gladly took my order.

    Is their rudeness and could careless attitude an isolated event or has anyone experienced this as well?

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