Onkyo Home Theater HT-S790 and Front/Center Channel Speakers

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    Nov 26, 2006
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    I have a quick question in regards to using my Sony Center Channel SS-CN495H (2-way) 150W and Sony Front Speakers SS-MF500H (3 way )150W in place of the Onkyo Center Channel SKC-540C 130W and Onkyo Front Speaker SKF-540F (2-way) 130W. I currently have the HT-ST90 Receiver. I would then utilize the Onkyo rear speakers and Subwoofer. I assume that I will get greater front end performance due to the fact that the Sony Front Spears have greater wattage and are 3-way versus the Onkyo Front Speaker (2 way) . Also, I believe that the frequency level is what provides the best highs and thus far the Sony Center Channel has a frequency level of 50KHZ and the Sony Front Speaker has a frequency level of 40HZ-50,000HZ while the Onkyo Center Channel has a frequency level of 55HZ-50KHZ and the Front Speaker has a frequency level of 55HZ-50KHZ. Anyway, what are your suggestions with switching the front speakers out with Sony versus Onkyo? Will I get greater overall home theater and general audio performance? Suggestions would be beneficial…

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