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    Have done a HTF thread search for the UK comedy sitcom On the Buses in this HTF forum folder, and there was only this thread. Thought it best to post in here, rather than start a separate thread, even though I would post about another British comedy series Bless This House.

    Have seen some episodes of On the Buses, but prefer the ones when Stan and Arthur were in the show, compared to when Blakey was living with Stan's mother and sister Olive.

    Was going to get the Network release of the feature film version of Bless This House (1972), but it's presented in a fullscreen aspect ratio.

    Optimum releases a DVD set of the three big screen On the Buses films, but the first film (also called On the Buses) is presented in a fullscreen aspect ratio.

    Network last September released a Complete Omnibus Edition boxset of On the Buses, including the three big screen films and the spin-off series with Blakey called Don't Drink the Water.

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