On A Clear Day

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    This story is about Frank (Peter Mullan) a 55-year-old grandfather who finds himself unemployed after being laid off from his job of over 30 years. Disgruntle hatred oozes from his face as he grimaces at his family’s attempt to be cheerful and he wants no part of it. Instead, he relishes in sulking the day away with an occasional swim at the local pool with his chaps. While under water, he is able to enter a new world that doesn’t carry the baggage that makes his life painful. This transition between above water and below was nicely done.

    A friend Chan (Benedict Wong) talks about his love for books and asks Frank what he really loves? Soon after Frank focuses on the only thing, he seems to love lately, swimming. Frank decides to swim the English Channel and enlists the help from his friends with only one caveat being that they don’t tell his wife Joan (Brenda Blethyn).

    This movie has a lot of character back-story that I won’t go into but it’s loaded with family problems, personal demons and secrets.

    I didn’t enjoy this move because both the presentation and story were dreadfully boring. It was depressing and dull. I didn’t care if Frank made it across the channel or drowned. The whole channel thing really felt like a gimmick to make a movie. I believe they just wanted to deal with his personal problems and threw this in for some interest. As far as I could tell, Frank was lucky if he could swim across an Olympic size pool three times.

    All of Frank’s friends were quirky and less developed then him. Each started to have a little something bud from their collaboration of a common goal but it felt incomplete. Some of the filming techniques and flashbacks were poorly rendered giving this movie an amateur feel to it. I prayed that at the end of this movie, there would be a heart-felt payoff but instead it ended in mediocrity.

    This film was not brought to the screen with any enthusiasm and that’s probably because the story is uninspiring.


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