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    Hello all! This is my first post here. I have been a fan of home theater and have used surround sound and other theater concepts for decades. I am now in the process of finishing my basement and am trying to install a projector and theater area. The space will not be 100% dedicated home theater as there will be a bar area and a play area for my kids. I am having a problem determining if I can use the space I want to for the projector and screen. Here is the room layout: Area for theater is approx 17' wide, and 20' deep. The wall where I want to place the screen (leaning toward fixed screen) is on the 17' wall and is actually in a 6' deep cut out. I have not decided on a projector yet but it will not be high end. I am looking at $1-2K and hoping to find one I like with lens shift to help with my mounting issue. At that 6' point from the screen is an I-beam that comes down 10". Once I finish everything, It will be down about 12 inches from the roughly 90" ceiling. I was hoping for a 120" screen but may have to go down to about 100". Will I be able to get an image from the projector to the screen, past the 12" I-beam, and not have the screen resting on the floor? I want to ceiling mount as I have 2 small kids. I have been looking at other options such as painting the entire 17' wall with Silver Screen paint (matte) by Behr at Home Depot and/or getting a short throw projector such as the Optoma GT750, that way it could be mounted right at the I-beam and still get me nearly 100". Any suggestions as to whether I will be able to get my image past the obstruction? Thanks in advance. Any suggestions as to projectors or screen manufacturers would also be appreciated. Looking to watch movies mostly, but some sporting events and gaming as well. Fine with getting a 1-1.1 gain white screen. No need for perforated. Thanks, Jason

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