Nightmare w/ Warner Bros Super Bowl Collection Packaging

Discussion in 'DVD' started by RichP, Jul 18, 2006.

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    I'm hoping someone here perhaps has a fast track to getting this issue resolved because I have become exceedingly frustrated at ridiculous situations like this that could be easily resolved if a studio would simply use appropriate packaging!

    So I go to the Virgin Megastore to buy the new Super Bowl XXXI-XL Collection put out by NFL Films and Warner Home Video. I get home and open it up and because of the ridiculous packaging, 3 of the 4 DVDs are off their spokes and floating around in the box. Needless to say, all three of them were scuffed and scarred beyond repair. SO the next day I have to go back to Virgin and return it for another set.

    The Same Exact Thing! This time 2 of the discs were off their spokes and were gouged up in exactly the same way as the first ones were. So now I have to trudge back...pissed.. to Virgin to replace this set for the second time.

    I carefully pick up the last remaining set that they have there, shake it gently to listen for loose discs ( I don't hear any) and replace the set for the second time.

    Well wouldn't you know it... I get home and the first disc is off the spoke and is gouged up in virtually exactly the same fashion!

    I suppose I should feel lucky that each time I've had one less disc damaged but it still doesn't make me feel any better. I have no idea what Warner was thinking when they chose this absolutely horrible packaging. Based on my experiences, I'd be amazed if at least 50% of all of these sets have at least one damaged disc.

    So I'm getting nowhere by calling Warner Home Video -- they keep transferring me to their Business & Legal dept, where I keep getting the same girl's voice mail.

    What should I do? Should I return the set back to Virgin for the third time? Or should I have hope that I can get Warner to replace the one disc that is damaged?

    Anyone have any positive vibes they can send my way?

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