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    Here's my trade list. Take a look and make me an offer.

    Man Bites Dog CC
    My Life As A Dog CC
    Loves of a Blonde CC
    Diabolique CC (sealed)
    Traffic CC
    The Vanishing CC (sealed)
    Fox WWII Collection OOP (with 2-disc Patton, The Longest Day, Tora! Tora! Tora!, and The Thin Red Line) (sealed)
    Mr. Wong Collection (6 films on 2 discs)
    Army of Darkness LE Directors Cut OOP
    Armegeddon SE (Andy Lau, not Bruce Willis) (sealed)
    The Man With The Golden Arm (sealed)
    Men In Black Deluxe Edition (sealed)
    Logan's Run SE
    Vera Cruz
    V: The Original Miniseries
    Beverly Hills Ninja
    The Grass is Greener
    The Man Who Knew Too Little
    2 Days in the Valley (sealed)
    Last Action Hero
    The Gold Rush (sealed OOP)
    Legal Eagles (sealed OOP)
    In like Flint
    Our Man Flint
    Elmer Gantry
    Barefoot Contessa
    2001: A Space Odessey (OOP MGM version with booklet and alpha case)


    Any of the Criterion sets (except Kurosawa set)
    I am Curious CC
    Pygmalion CC
    Rififi CC
    Beauty and the Beast CC (new version)
    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp CC
    Disney tins
    Sanford and Son Season 2
    MASH Season 3

    The Talk of the Town
    Metropolis (Kino)
    A Patch of Blue
    A Place in the Sun
    Seems Like Old Times
    Where the Buffalo Roam
    The Stand-In
    The Harder They Fall
    Dead Reckoning
    Anatomy of a Murder
    The Lady From Shanghai
    The Producers
    All About Eve (newer one)
    Tommy Superbit
    The World of Henry Orient
    To Catch a Thief
    How to Murder Your Wife
    The Thin Man
    Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest SE
    Amadeus Director's Cut
    The Long Goodbye
    Sorry, Wrong Number
    The Twelve Chairs
    Top Secret!
    The Bicycle Thief
    Jamaica Inn (Kino)
    Candy (SE or tin)
    The Trial (The Milestone Collection)
    Ball of Fire
    and more... make me an offer.

    Email me at if you see anything you'd like.

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