New Receiver with older speakers - best way to connect?

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    Hi all...
    I currently am going to be replacing my old Yamaha RXV 890 DPL receiver with a Denon AVR-3802. Took me a while to make the switch partially b/c of funds and also b/c the sound of the RXV 890 was so pleasant to my ears, even though it was only DPL. Anyway, I was running that receiver with my Paradigm Titan speakers for the fronts, however they were coupled with the passive subwoofer that came with the speakers when I purchased them years ago. With the Yamaha, I was running the Titans through the passive subwoofer as they were intended, b/c when I separated the speakers from the sub and ran the sub separately (from the B set speaker connection), the Titans sounded way to high and bright- almost hurting my ears.
    Now with my new receiver the AVR 3802 how should I best connect my speakers (fronts- Titans & the passive subwoofer) in your opinions? I'm new with the DD/DTS receivers. It's going to be a while before I can purchase a powered sub after getting this receiver [​IMG]
    Your opinions and advice are appreciated. Thank you in advance! [​IMG]

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