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    Hey there.. !! I am new here and i was hoping to get some tips from you guys. So recently i moved into my new house. This house has a finished basement, but its not very big. I was hoping to setup a biginners level home theatre system in the basement and since i am new to this whole home theatre thing i was hoping to get some tips from you guys. I have a 1080p epson projector in hand. also have some decent sony home theater receiver, speakers and a ps3. What more things do i need to buy. ?? btw i have made a model of my basement on google sketchup its fairly accurate and i have put down the measurements as well. If you could look at the pictures and provide me with some advice as to where i should place the whole system and all that. Thank you and hoping for some positive response... :D P.S ... btw my budget is not very big and at the moment i am just looking to setup a beginners level system, so if you could also give me some price ranges as to how much it would cost me excluding the things that i already have, i would really appreciate that.. :D - Chris [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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