New HT equipment list, Opinions?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by SteveFred, Jul 1, 2004.

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    Hi everyone,

    Well my house is with-in 7 weeks of completion and I will be starting my Dedicated HT room with-in weeks after closing.

    I have a list of what I will be going with and want opinions on the set-up(good and bad)

    The room will be 14x20x8 completely light controled.

    Optoma H77 Front projector(ceiling mounted)($6000)

    Da-lite Cinema Contour 119" Fixed 16x9 screen($1600)

    Yamaha RX-Z9 Receiver($3500)

    SVS PB2-Plus Sub($1199)

    Rocket by Onix 7 channel Speaker Package

    750Sig $1150/pr(Mains)
    RSC200 $499/(center)
    RSC150's $299/pr x 2(4th-7th) channels

    I would like to keep the total price on equipment below 18K. I will be finishing my entire walkout basement myself, so I will save a ton right there [​IMG].

    Would like a few Ideas on a DVD player, I have a 301+ Sony(about 3 years old) and would like to get a 301+ again, if some makes a good DVD with a 301+ Disc.

    I will be using my HT for all aspects of entertainment(HDTV, DVD, Normal TV, Playstaion 2)

    All comments welcome



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