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    Important info about the mailing list.

    We are now going to activate the mailing list for anime. If you
    are interested in anime releases, please login to your customer
    account by clicking here:

    Click on Update Mailing List Subscription and select the anime
    list or any other lists you are interested in receiving. We will
    be launching the HTML mailing list soon so if you want pretty
    e-mails, please make that selection as well.

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    COUPON Heaven - All of these expire on 4/20/03.

    This week we are offering coupons for all sizes of orders!

    APRIL25 - Save $25 off your order of $250 or more.
    APRIL12 - Save $12 off your order of $125 or more.
    APRIL5 - Save $5 off your order of $50 or more.

    If you have a friend who is not a customer, they can use:

    IAMNEW - Save $5 off an order of $50 or more.

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    We have completed our move to our new facilities. The good news
    is our hours have been extended. We answer our phone from 8 AM
    until 7 PM Central Standard Time Monday through Friday. On
    Saturday, we answer calls from 9AM to 5PM.

    Our new toll-free number is 888-993-6344.

    We are continuing to upgrade our system. As a result, the
    customer info center is not providing info up to our normal
    standards. Shipping confirmations will be sent out again
    daily starting on Monday. The frequent buyer points will be
    updated daily again starting by the end of this week. The
    quote machine will be back on line and quoting prices on Monday.

    Your patience and understanding is really appreciated. We
    promise no more system upgrades for a long time!

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    Terminator 2: Judgment Day - The Extreme Edition - $17.99

    For a limited time, receive a free pack of Terminator 2 trading
    card with your purchase of Terminator 2 - Extreme. This release
    contains even more supplements than the fantastic Ultimate
    Edition. Artisan has done a new transfer so this is a definite
    must for fans of the film.

    Special Metal Collectible Sculpture Embossed Packaging

    Disc One:
    Anamorphic Widescreen
    Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround EX - English
    DTS Surround 5.1 - English
    Dolby Surround - Commentary
    Dolby Headphone Audio Track
    Additional Release Material:
    Audio Commentary - Commentary recorded specially for this edition
    Interactive Features:
    Extreme Interactive Mode

    Disc Two:
    Supplementary Material
    Additional Release Material:
    Complete Theatrical Version of the film in Microsoft Windows
    Media 9 series, playable in high resolution and 5.1 sound
    directly from computer
    Featurette - 1. NO FEAT BUT WHAT WE MAKE
    2. T2: ON THE SET
    DVD-Rom Features:
    Infiltration Unit Simulator and T2 FX Studio: Morph imported
    images into a T-1000 or T-800 Terminator

    Skynet Combat Chassis Designer: Build and test your own fighting
    machine and be able to track progress online.


    Animatrix - $18.71 - 06/03/2003

    Receive a really cool circular mousepad with your purchase of

    Taking characters and the premise from the groundbreaking science
    fiction film, THE MATRIX, this ambitious project compiles nine
    short films directed by animation specialists from Japan, Korea,
    and America. The action is rapidly paced and Combining all different
    styles of animation from CGI to anime to more traditional animation,
    the program's unique and varied look is even more stunning than its
    predecessor. A sampling of the talent includes MATRIX creators
    Larry and Andy Wachowski, Yoshiaki Kawajiri (NINJA SCROLL), Peter
    Chung (AEON FLUX), and Shinchiro Watanabe (COWBOY BEBOP).


    Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Black Rose Saga Collection - $66.50 -

    Receive a free T-Shirt with your purchase of this set.

    >From the director of SAILOR MOON comes this series about Tenou
    Utena, a new student at Ohtori Academy, who has somehow obtained
    a rose signet, a ring that allows one access to hidden world of
    duels and floating arenas where the struggle for the Rose Bride
    and World Revolution takes place. Soon, Utena finds herself
    aligned with the Rose Bride against the student council of Ohtori
    Academy, who are her competitors for the power to revolutionize
    the world. Fantastic, surreal, and utterly involving, UTENA is a
    series that effortlessly casts a thrall over the viewer. Contains
    episodes 14-26 of the series.

    ************************************************** ********************

    The wait is finally over!!! Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, Kiki's
    Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky have been released in amazing
    2 DVD Special Editions. All three are in stock and ready to ship!!!

    Kiki's Delivery Service - $21.95

    Spirited Away - $21.95

    Laputa: Castle in the Sky - $21.95


    Cube (Special Edition) - $15.15

    Six ordinary people (student, ex-con, engineer, social worker, cop,
    mentally handicapped) are trapped in a maze of interlocking cubes with
    no apparent way out. They have no recollection of how they got there or
    why they were chosen. They have no food or water and upon further
    investigation discover some of the rooms are booby trapped with
    creative devices of destruction. After the initial panic, they come
    to realize that each person possesses a unique ability which may aid
    in their safe navigation through the rooms and a possible escape. Can
    they overcome personal conflict and work together? Interesting set
    design, moody lighting, and creative computer generated imagery add
    to the claustrophobic feeling of Vincenzo Natali's film, which was
    a hit at several festivals in 1997.

    Extras include: Audio Commentary - Vincenzo Natali - Director,
    Deleted Scenes, Interview with Nicole de Boer, Storyboards, Set
    Design, F/X Artwork


    Drumline - $19.57

    Charles Stone III's crowd-pleasing drama spotlights the previously
    unheralded world of university marching bands--more specifically, the
    cutthroat world that energizes Southern black campuses. Devon Miles
    (Nick Cannon) is a Harlem teenager who receives a full scholarship to
    attend Atlanta A&T University based on his excellent percussion
    talents. However, making the transition from hip-hop street drumming
    to the drumline of the school's legendary marching band is more
    challenging than Miles expected. For one, the band director, Dr.
    Lee (Orlando Jones), is determined to reclaim the national championship
    using old-school tactics, even though his traditional beliefs appear
    to be leaving A&T in the dust. And then there is Sean (Leonard
    Roberts), the current drum leader, who is threatened by Devon's
    skills and frustrated by his fierce individuality. These antagonistic
    forces, as well as the addition of a cheerleading love interest
    (Zoe Saldana), combine to test Devon's previously unshakeable
    confidence. As the season builds toward the BET Big Southern Classic
    and a showdown with rival Morris Brown University, Devon must swallow
    his pride and learn to be a team player if he wants his band to
    win the championship. DRUMLINE proves that any subject can make for
    an invigorating work of entertainment, if handled properly.


    Family Guy - Volume 1 - $34.97

    Peter Griffin yearns to be a champion dad for his family, but in his
    attempts he only winds up making a ridiculous fool of himself. While he
    looks over his two teenagers and his baby (who has an English accent
    and is keen on dominating the world) it is abundantly clear that the
    family dog is the smartest member of the Griffin clan. This collection
    contains 28 episodes of irreverent humor combining the satire of THE
    SIMPSONS with the gross-out slapstick of films like AMERICAN PIE which
    were chic during the animated show's unfortunately short run.


    Rabbit Proof Fence - $21.95

    Set in Australia in 1931, RABBIT-PROOF FENCE tells the story of a
    government policy that required "half-caste" children (whose mothers
    were Aboriginal and whose fathers were white) to be taken from their
    homes by the authorities to be trained to work as servants. Based on
    the true story of Molly Craig, Philip Noyce's film of small gestures
    and few words follows the odyssey of three young girls who escaped
    from the government's training facility and, using the country's long
    stretches of rabbit-proof fences as their guide, walked 1500 miles to
    get back home. Told squarely from Molly's point of view, RABBIT-PROOF
    FENCE also highlights the Australian government's treatment of
    Aboriginies by A.O. Neville (Kenneth Branagh), the legal guardian of
    the country's indigenous people. His plan to "breed out" the Aboriginal
    blood of the half-castes is marked by a cool calculation and moral
    blindness that stands out in sharp contrast to Molly's spiritual and
    intuitive relationship to the people and places she encounters on her


    Transporter - $19.57

    Jason Statham stars in this fast-paced and very loud thriller that was
    written specifically for him by French filmmaker Luc Besson. Statham
    (SNATCH) plays Frank Martin, a former Special Forces operative who is
    now a high-priced courier paid a lot of money to deliver packages he
    would rather know nothing about. His creed: Never change the deal, use
    no names, and never look in the package. But when he finds out that his
    latest delivery is a beautiful young woman (Shu Qi), everything changes,
    and he is off on a wild chase, in his specially made BMW, that includes
    plenty of explosions, bare-knuckle fighting, cool weaponry, and
    tongue-in-cheek humor. Hong Kong director Corey Yuen, who has previously
    worked with Jet Li, lets the action tell the story as Frank battles the
    bad guys in the streets of France. The score is by renowned jazz great
    Stanley Clarke.


    Ran (Masterworks Edition) - $23.26

    With RAN, master director Akira Kurosawa transforms Shakespeare's KING
    LEAR into an epic tragedy set in feudal Japan. On the eve of his 70th
    birthday, Lord Hidetora prepares to divide his empire among his three
    sons. In the process, he ends up disowning his youngest son, the only
    one who truly cares about him. The empire is engulfed in bitter warfare
    as the two older brothers, after fighting among themselves over the
    inheritance, turn on their father. Homeless and abandoned by all but his
    most loyal followers, Hidetora must face both his tragic present state
    and the actions of his brutal past.

    For his 27th film, the "sensei" of Japanese cinema, Akira Kurosawa,
    transposes Shakespeare's KING LEAR to feudal Japan. RAN, which translates
    as "chaos" or "turmoil," is the tragic tale of Lord Hidetora, a warlord
    who decides to divide his empire among his three sons on the eve of his
    70th birthday. However, Hidetora's youngest and most compassionate son,
    Saburo, defiantly objects to this hasty decision and is disowned by the
    proud, stubborn ruler. Once the two eldest sons take control of the empire,
    they quickly turn on their father and begin vying for total control over
    the land. As Hidetora is banished from his own kingdom in a bloody battle,
    he must confront the consequences of his violent, ruthless past. Ten years
    in the making, RAN represents the culmination of Kurosawa's career by
    revisiting his skill at adapting Shakespeare, as evidenced in THRONE OF
    BLOOD, and displaying the cinematic splendor of his other landmark films
    such as SEVEN SAMURAI and RASHOMON. With its magnificent costumes,
    breathtaking settings, and amazingly photographed battle sequences,
    the film is truly stunning. An epic on the grandest of scales, RAN is
    not only one of Kurosawa's finest films, it is a glorious masterpiece
    of Japanese cinema.

    ************************************************** **********

    Upcoming Titles -

    Batman the Animated Series - Tales of the Dark Knight
    Bloody Sunday
    Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
    Justice League - Justice on Trial
    Kiss Me Kate
    Mad About You: Season Two
    Nevada Smith
    Once a Thief
    Return to Snowy River
    Young Guns (Ultimate Edition)

    ************************************************** ************

    Just Announced -

    Alias: Season 1 - $48.99
    Angel Collection - $25.99
    Billy Wilder DVD Collection 9-Pack - $94.95
    Dead Zone - The Complete First Season - $34.99
    Love Bug (Special Edition) - $20.99
    Popeye - $12.99
    Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins - $9.97

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    For a complete list of titles streeting on 4/15/2003, please click here:

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    We will be adding customer reviews and the ability to order used titles
    before they are in stock. Look for these changes by the end of April.

    We will also be added a brand-new anime store which will launch on May
    1, 2003.

    SACDs will be added back to the site in about 1 week. Sadly, we will no
    longer be carrying regular CDs.

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    Digital Eyes

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