NEW Criterion Qatsi Trilogy + Brazil Blurays - half price

Discussion in 'Hardware Classifieds' started by Jeff Ulmer, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Brand new sealed Blurays.
    I accidentally placed 2 orders for the same thing from Barnes and Noble during their half price sale, and they won't let me cancel the orders prior to shipment, so I have an extra copy of these Blurays coming which I can either pass on to another forum member at cost + shipping or send back for a refund.
    Pricing is based on:
    Qatsi Trilogy @ $39.99
    Brazil @ $24.99
    The remainder covers tax and Paypal fees.
    Shipping will be around $6 - 12USD extra for a flat rate priority box (depending on how big these two sets end up). Paypal payment will be expected once I get notice that these have shipped from B&N so they can be sent out when they come in. If interested PM me, otherwise I'll just send them back. Thanks.
    The discs were sent back.

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