New AAXA P4 pico projector looks pretty sweet

Discussion in 'Displays' started by corecooler, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I already own an aaxa M2 micro projector which I'm quite happy with but after having it for a while I think the option to have no battery pack would come handy from time to time. This new projector intrigues me as its 80 lumens and has the ability to run off battery power. did a review on it and gave it good ratings [​IMG] This is taken from another forum modmyi. This person has their ipad hooked up to their p4 and is showing a video family guy. [​IMG] I'm pretty satisfied with 110 lumens so I figure the downgrade to 80 shouldnt be too bad. The only other pico projectors I thought about getting that are battery powered are the optoma pk301 and the Favi E3 which are both only 50 lumens. I think I can handle the downgrade from 110 lumens to 80 lumens, but 110 lumens to 50 lumens is over half.. and that I'm not too sure about. They are all getting pretty good reviews for what they are so I'm still stick at an impasse. in case you wanted to see my amateur review of the M2 check it out on these forums: I'm hoping to get into reviewing more electronics in the future so I'm gathering all the equipment I need this holiday season to do some high quality reviews. Feel free to make suggestions on what products you would be interested in seeing.

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