NEVER order through DVDPlanet again!!!

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    I've been a loyal customer for the past many, many years, ordering almost exclusively through DVDPlanet since the Digital Eyes days and spending thousands of dollars a year through this E-tailer, even holding past accounts with previous email addresses practically since the launch of the site. As of today, I will NEVER place another order with them again!

    Last month I spent about $300 on catalog titles and box sets with two separate orders. About a week later, I received an email indicating that one of the two orders was declined as my credit card showed insufficient funds. It turns out that I had simply exceeded my usual purchase costs which raised a red flag with Visa (I had purchased airfare and a new refrigerator both on the same day) and so they placed a block on my card pending my contacting them. No problem, all straightened out.

    So I again refer to this email from DVDPlanet stating that order #xxxxxxx in the amount of approx. $200 was canceled and they apologize. Fine, knowing the cause of this I simply went back to their website and replaced the entire order...

    Not even 4 hours later, I receive yet another automated email indicating that my order has shipped out and would be received shortly... odd that it would process so quickly. I look at the order number again, and sure enough it's the same number as the canceled order.

    I immediately call up DVDPlanet and speak with a service agent who explains that it wasn't the entire order that was canceled, just a single DVD for all of $12. Why then would they send me an email stating that order #xxxxxxx was cancelled?!? Why would they not simply contact me directly as any thorough customer service procedure should apply, to inform me of the issue at hand. That said, I was ASSURED beyond doubt that they had just contacted their warehouse and the order would NOT ship out, nor would I be charged.

    Fine, a bit frustrating but these things happen I guess. Time to move on...

    A week passes and I receive one of my orders. Half of the contents of the package are completely destroyed due to poor packaging and getting tossed around in transit. Two of my John Ford box sets look as though they've been put through a compressor. They were gifts for a family member's birthday, so I'm not too thrilled. I call up DVDPlanet and explain the situation and am told I need to return the items but if I'm to expect any reimbursement on return shipping costs, they need to be sent standard postage. So that's two weeks before I get a refund processed and so much for this person's birthday gift. Not too happy... but fine.

    A couple of days pass and I receive a pickup notice from Canada Post informing me of a package being held at one of their outlets. eBay I figure, okay. I leave work 15 mins. earlier than usual and head down to stand in line at the post office during weekday rush hour. Finally get to the counter -- $30 in customs fees, arrgh! I pay the costs and head home expecting to open up this parcel and find a pair of vintage trousers from an eBay seller... wrong!

    Sure enough, the order which I didn't intend to place int eh first place and which I was ASSURED would not process or ship out was staring me right int he face! I'd just left work early and spent forty minutes at the post office and was really pissed off!

    I called up DVD Planet and got a manager on the phone. Explained that I'd been a customer for the past eight years and how ordering online was supposed to be a convenience; How the service I've received with this entire order was abysmal - relaying my frustration over the whole mess. He was very kind and apologised profusely saying that they would EXCHANGE the damaged goods as soon as they were received, and if I wanted to simply fax over receipts of the shipping charges and customs charges, I would not have to wait to be reimbursed for the second shipment, they would issue a refund right away.

    He was a gentleman and dealt with me very professionally, acknowledging their screw-up and insisting on correcting the situation, even offering the incentive of some sort of coupon or discount code. Okay, so service was a little less than competant but at least things are being resolved.

    Well I've since faxed over the receipts at LEAST 3/4 times and have yet to receive any reimbursement on those customs or return shipping charges. I was refunded for the damaged goods (to my Visa card) rather than have them exchanged which is what I had requested and expected initially, and even than the initial shipping cost (0.75/disc x 10 = 7.50) was not applied.

    For the order that was sent out twice unwittingly, I'd received NOTHING!

    So for the past two weeks I'd been calling up every few days (probably 3 times total) to speak with customer service for status updates on the refund. I was initially told that it would be refunded to my credit card. Now this is where things get complicated...

    I had paid for the second order via PayPal, the first through my credit card directly. Both orders were for the exact same goods. I was TOLD and it was communicated to me CLEARLY over the telephone that I would be credited via my card. Why does this matter, you might be wondering?

    Because I am having a major issue with PayPal which is above and beyond all of this and is really neither here, nor there inr egards to DVDPlanet. I'd sold an item on eBay recently, the seller had confirmed receipt of this item. Weeks later, I received a chargeback and PayPal withdrew money from my account ($200) to reimburse the seller. There was no dispute regarding the item itself (some rare hardcover books) - this person simply claimed that it was never received and PayPal without conducting any sort of investigation decided to withdraw money from my acount to pay back the buyer, leaving me with a negative balance and thus my acount closed. Again, neither here nor there. I was aware of this and had been dealing with PayPal and in fact, sent off a registered letter from an attorney just last week.

    All this to say, I was OBVIOUSLY not accepting any payments through a defunct PayPal account!

    I'm no idiot... if this was the route that DVDPlanet were to take, I would have said, forget it and issue me an exchange or store credit! Why would I have money returned to a place where it can never be retrieved or would not reach me??

    That's not the problem though... the issue is the same as has been since the order was first placed last month and that is the lack of competance, communication, follow through and service with the many agents that I've dealt with at the company! Each time I've called up I've gotten different feedbakc and responses to the situationa nd actions reflecting none of this!!!

    While I was told that the payment would be refunded to my CREDIT CARD (fair enough, I acknowledge that the service rep might have just assumed that it was the initial means of payment without thoroughly looking into the matter, but none the less, am I to blame??) it was instead returned to a non-existant PayPal acount!

    I was fuming mad as I've called up at least twice int he past two weeks in regards tot his supposed refund and was told to check my statements in the next few days as it can sometimes take a couple of days to post and there can be a lag between the time it processes and appears. Obiosuly this was NOT in referance to PayPal. So nobody had communicated to me any useful information and as a result I've lost nearly $200 on this stupid order WHICH I WAS ASSURED AND PROMISED WOULD NOT BE CHARGED OR SHIPPED TO BEGIN WITH!!! I did not intend nor authorize the processing of this order, in fact, just the opposite! Yet despite this DVDPlanet sent it out anyways. I've not yet received any refund for the customs or return shipping costs, though I'm told this will happen by the end of the day... we'll see!

    And in speaking with Christinna, a supervisor who refused to inform me of how or when I could reach the company manager about this issue, I was treated with complete lack of courtesy and I felt as if I were nothing more than an order number in their system with curtly conveyed responses straight out of a handbook. They refused to do anything about the PayPal issue, offering only to give me PayPal's telephone number... big thanks, that'll do a lot!

    They are entirely responsible as far as I'm concerned, for an order that was never intended to be placed and brought upon by their own bloody incompetance in sending out impersonal automated email messages with complete misinformation. And despite communicating a means of refund which I'll admit, might not have been recognized by the service agent as the original method of payment, it is still THEIR sole obligation and responsibility to offer their customers accurate information and facts. There was not a single conversation held with any one person for each time that I've called, in which this was the case. For each representative that I'd spoken with, I'd received different responses and a company which seemed entirely disconnected with their actions from any of the information relayed over the telephone or discussions I'd engaged!

    Yet Christinna, a manager who spoke with me this morning, refused to ackowledge this, nor offer even a single apology throughout the conversation for the service I've received or the way my multiple orders have been mismanaged, and despite being told they would exchange the damaged items and refund the second order to my credit card, they did neither and screwed things up worse than could possibly be conceived for the simplicity of placing an order for DVD online.

    I've expressed to her that I would never be returning to their webnsite againa nd they just lost a loyal customer of 8 years. No response, sympathy or anything offered. I guess we're just disposable income for this retailer. One would assume that for the sum US $180, after the amount of times the company had screwed up this order (by even PLACING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE after stating they would not) you would think any honorable retailer would simply eat the cost and offer me the equivalent in store credit. Nope!

    I guess the customer is not always right... even when the company charges and ships out the same order twice after promising they wouldn't, issuing refunds in place of exchanges, poorly packaging items to arrive in damaged condition, promising reimbursements on customs and return costs which have yet to be honored, and then above all refunding money via a route that was not as communicated for if it would have been, I would have demanded otherwise!

    DVDPlanet as far as I'm concerned, is not the same company it once was and at least in my most recent dealings, suffers from terrible management with no thought towards customers like myself who have supported it's enterprise since the earliest days. It's a shame that it comes to bitter posts like such on a messagebard, but I feel I must express my outrage towards the way I've been treated. I will NEVER buy from DVDPlanet again. I'm placing pre-orders for the latest Sony/Columbia sets through this afternoon.

    PS - if anyone from DVDPlanet in management or service happens to read this and would like to contact me, they can do so at

    An angry and displeased customer.

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