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    I have been asked to compile a report for an assignment on my degree module on web server basics. We have been covering topics on Apache, Windows 2000, Linux and IIP/S. We have to base the report on what would benefit a local charity who wish to provide web hosting for other charities. The synposis is like this

    "Every year in the UK 1.5 million computers are dumped in landfill sites, a further 1.5 million are kept in storage and not put in use. yet in the developing world 99% of school children graduate from high school not having seen or touched a computer.

    Computer Aid International aims to bridge the digital divide by recycling computers from the UK for re-use in schools and community organisations in developing countries.

    The objectives are:

    To maximise the volume and quality of recycled computers being re-used overseas

    To increase the number of UK organisations donating there use IT equipment for recycling overseas.

    To identify and work with those organisations in recipient countries able to derive maxiumum value from the recycled computers.

    To provide training and work experience in computer repair to people from socially excluded communities in our workshops in the UK.

    They have two workshops one in London and the other in southamptom

    The following is a list of companies that the charity supports.

    Coda International
    Skillshare Africa
    Community HEART
    International Co-Operationfor Development
    Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
    World Links
    Commonwealth Trade Union Congress
    SOS Children's Villages (UK)

    The Task is this

    A local charity "Omagh Cares" (my town) through their important work has come to the realisation of the importance of the work Computer aid carries out. They do not have the technical knowledge of computers and currently send computers to England. They intend setting up workshops in Omagh.

    As part of their development they are considering providing web server hosting for the charities. They need a report that will

    Explain what is the minimum hardware that is required to run the web servers and how this hardware differs from the standard PC hardware. Give examples relating to the task to support your explainations

    Detail the ways a number of servers could be arranged to ensure best performance. Give examples relating to the task to support your explainations

    As some of the sites will contain sensitive material, explain the need and ways of providing web server security. Give examples relating to the task to support your explainations"

    I would really appreciate any advice from any web server experts here and your help will be most helpful and very appreciated from a student.


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