Need speaker/sub advice on a new home stereo system

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Wineles, Sep 10, 2006.

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    So begins my first post:

    Im a newbie to home audio but have been in the car audio scene for awhile and know a lot about audio in general as well. Im looking to piece together a home system that will primarily be used for music but will be used for some movie watching as well. Im not that interested in surround sound right now. I just need a good receiever, a pair of speakers and a good sub, in that order. Im on a tight budget but I want to purchase decent equipment. I have been doing my research on here and right now Im looking into a Harman Kardon receiever, a pair of AV123 x-ls bookshelf speakers, and (if i can afford it) an SVS cylinder sub. I like the HK 3380 stereo receiver because it has composite video inputs, unlike the stereo receivers offered by Onkyo, which could be useful for a DVD player, cable box, game console and DLO Home Deluxe ipod dock I would like to use in my system. However, I have also looked into the the AV 140 as well for the option to have surround sound down the road. But I am open to suggestions. Should I just start with the 2-channel for now? My budget for the receiever is low, maybe $200 used/refurbished if its a good one. As for the speakers the x-ls seem to get good reviews but again Im open to suggestions. Im looking for some nice bookshelf speakers. $300 is my budget for the speakers. As for the sub I know everyone loves the SVS subs and I'd like to get one but is there anything else cheaper than $400 that comes close to the performance of SVS subs? Thanks for any help

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