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    I have Cox digital cable and I would like to use the cox remote to control everything. I have a Samsung HT-C6900W Home Theater System and a Samsung TV also. Both samsung units have the anynet feature which when turned on automatically allows me toturn the tv and HT box off with my cox remote, I can also control the volume on the HT box with the cox remote with no problems. BUT, for some odd reason the HT box will not turn on with the cox remote and when I turn that on seperatly with the remote that comes with the system it will turn on and stay on HDMI1 for a couple seconds and then switch to D-IN on its own. If I turn the TV and cable box on first and wait about 10 seconds before I turn on the HT box it will stay on HDMI1 like I want it to, but this is a pain in the arse..

    Can anyone help me out here? I really want to get rid of the second remote so I am guessing I need to find the codes for the HT-C6900W so I can manually program them on my cox remote to make everything work.. Including the bluray/DVD and internet options which I currently have to use the second remote to control now anyway...

    Thanks in advance!

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