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    I am a D*TV satellite subscriber, with a D*TV STB for high def, and a second STB for std def. I also receive OTA H/S def signals via a DB4 antenna. My HTPC has 3 TV tuner cards -1 high def, 2 std def. Prior to purchasing my HTPC, my high def STB was connected to my HDTV via a HDMI cable. To provide for HTPC control of the STBs, I'll use an IR blaster, and keep the PC std def tuner cards set to channel 4, where the STB will modulate their signal. My goal is to pass the OTA high def signals thru the HTPC high def tuner card, and pass the signals from the std def and high def STBs to my two HTPC std def tuner cards for std def recording and playback. Could someone review my attached connection proposal and tell me if this is correct, or if there are better options to consider? Thanks in advance.

    A few notes about the attached diagram.
    The VS entries indicate Video Source in my setup.
    The CH4 means component always set to channel 4
    The CH Adj means that this component is used to change channels.


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