Need receiver purchase advice/direction.

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    I am wanting to replace a B&K AVR202 receiver in a dedicated home theater room to take advantage of the latest technology (such as blue-ray, streaming, etc...). I am also adding a Sony PS3 to the following equipment I currently have (replacing an Oppo upscaling dvd player). I am only running a 5.1 system at this time, but am contemplating adding a couple more speakers - 7.1 ???. I don't need multi-zone for other rooms.

    1. Mains: Martin Logan SL-3's

    2. Center: Martin Logan Logos

    3. Rears: M&K Satellite 1-B's

    4. Sub: HSU Research VTF-3 MK3

    5. TV: Samsung HL-T7288W

    6. Amp: Anthem MCA-50

    7. CD Players: (2) Pioneer Elite PD-F27 Changers

    7: Receiver B&K AVR202

    I am surmising it would be good to reuse the Anthem as part of the system? I will use the PS3 primarily for movies (new to gaming). Advice on what capabilities a new receiver (and which one?) would provide in addition to the PS3 would be greatly appreciated. (Also have the Universal Remote MX900).

    Thanks much. Tim

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