Need help with WEGA black levels.

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Frank@N, Aug 7, 2003.

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    I mentioned this issue in another thread but in the interest of full disclosure, a separate thread is best.

    I'm having trouble getting the black level right on my 2 year old WEGA.

    Entered setup and found Y-DC (black retention) was set to 2.

    Assuming lower value equals better blacks (?).

    Lowered to 0 and ran THX Optimizer again (Episode II).

    Adjusted till 7th box was barely visible (per instructions).

    THX logo in center (the drop box?) seems to be set at same black level as 7th box.

    Black level seems a bit high now, because the 16x9 area appears as grey before a movie starts (as opposed to the unused portion of the screen which is dark black).

    Is this normal?

    Higher black levels have also not been kind to my cable picture quality, because it reveals more noise in the picture.

    Apparently, the older WEGAs do not have separate memory setting for each input.

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