Need Help with a 7.1 surrond sound setup?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Joe Reed, Apr 4, 2003.

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    Hi Guys, I am just really now getting into the sound part of my home theater. The room is going to be (still am digging out the dirt for the floor so I can try to dig out more) 8 to 9 ft high, with the width of 13ft, and the length of the room is 22ft. Right now I have the Sony 36-Kvxbr800, but will be upgrading again [​IMG] to either front projection system or the next years model of a 60" dlp, lcd, RPTV. I also have a tivo series 2, The panny rp-91, and a xbox, and a ps2 and a hi-def time-warner cable box.

    I am looking at getting the Harmon Kardon Av525, how is this receiver? I will be using this setup mostly for 50% gaming, 30% Dvd, and dvhs(when the marantz model comes out), 10% tv, and 10 % music.

    The speakers I am looking at are the Paradigm Monitor 11's for the fronts, the cc-370, and the adp-370 ( 2 pair) for surround and the rear speakers for a 7.1 setup, and the PW-2200.

    How are thess speakers going to perform in a room of my size, and for my needs. Are these speakers a good match with the Harmon Kardon receiver.

    Will I have to go with a bigger sub? I don't need the windows to break (per se) I live in house but my neighbors house is only about 25 feet from mine, so I can't have it to loud.

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