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    Hey everybody,
    So I just recently moved into my new house and I was extremely excited to find out that the house was pre-wired for surround sound and several rooms are wired for zone speakers.
    I've got my 5.1 wired up and everything is working perfectly, I installed some speakers on my patio and need help wiring them in correctly. Here are some pictures of what I have to work with.

    These are the speakers wires FROM the patio TO the volume control box


    These are the wires FROM the volume control box TO the receiver

    So I don't have a volume controller yet, however I was just playing around to test the speakers. I tried wiring the speaker wires directly to the wires that run to the receiver and I didn't get any output. I even tried an old receiver that I have and still nothing. Do I need to have a volume controller installed for this to work or am I doing this wrong?

    The blue bundled wire in the second picture seems to be a CAT5 cable, any idea what this is for? Any help would be much appreciated.


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