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    Hello All,

    I realized I posted in the wrong section so rather then double post (especially being a newbie) please click the link to my other post and provide me with help on designing my home theater please. Thanks in advance.

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    Actual thread itself:
    Hello All,

    this is my first post and will NOT be my last. I have searched the forum for a few days before posting and can tell this is a great place to get help!

    I am currently looking to build my first real home theater, and Need some help in the design. Below is the list of the components and sources that I have and plan to get. What I need help with is the selecting of the sound system and anything else that seems to be missing from my current equation. My questions are based on the Equipment list below, and what I am trying to figure out is what Items would you add and or replace?

    The functionality of the system is pretty basic and all I am trying to do is send video to the 2 displays (Vizio 55"/Canon Projector) at their highest resolutions either simultaneously or independantly while having the audio follow. The reciever I selected I can get for right aroung $300 and my total budget is about $1,000 including the control system which I can get for just under $500. I am looking to do the audio in stages over the course of the year so if a good start for LCR+sub is great! I can add the 4 surrounds later. Sorry for such a long first post, but any feedback or questions would be great

    I should add that the company I work for can get pretty much get me dicounts on anything AV related but I am still currently working on a budget for my bucks system and this can be seen by some of the current equipment choices.

    [FONT= 'Century Gothic']Audio[/FONT] [FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Yamaha[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']RX-V765[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']7.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future[FONT= 'Century Gothic']2[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']7.2 L/R Channel Speaker (Front)[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future[FONT= 'Century Gothic']2[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD [/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']7.2 L/R Surround Speaker(2x Back)[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future[FONT= 'Century Gothic']2[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']7.2 Subwoofer[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future[FONT= 'Century Gothic']2[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']7.2 L/R Surround Speaker(2x Presence)[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future [FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']TBD[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']7.2 Center Channel Speaker[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] $ Future[/FONT] [FONT= 'Century Gothic']Video[/FONT] [FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT] [FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Canon[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']LV-S1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']1000 ANSI Lumen SVGA Projector[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Vizio[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']VF550M[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']55" LCD Television 1080p[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Motorola[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']DCH3200[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']HD Television Receiver[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Magnavox[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']MRV640[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Progressive Scan DVD Player/Recorder[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Sony[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']PS3[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Video Gaming System/Blu Ray Player[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Sony[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']PS2[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Video Gaming System[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Nintendo[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Wii[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Video Gaming System[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Acer[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']AX1200[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']HTPC Home Theater Computer[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Owned [FONT= 'Century Gothic']Control[/FONT] [FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Logitech[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']915-000074[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Harmony 1100 Remote[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Logitech[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']943-000029[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Harmony Adapter for Playstation3[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future[FONT= 'Century Gothic']1[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Logitech[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']915-000044[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic']Harmony RF Wireless Extender[/FONT][FONT= 'Century Gothic'] [/FONT]$ Future

    I thought it might help for me to add my signal pathe setup. So here goes..

    HDTV Reciever HDMI OUT>> RX-V765 HDMI2 IN
    DVD Component OUT>> RX-V765 AV1 IN (component)
    PS2 Component OUT>> RX-V765 AV2 IN (component)
    Wii Composite OUT>> RX-V765 AV5? IN (composite)

    RX-V765 HDMI OUT>> Vizio VF550M HDMI IN
    RX-V765 Monitor OUT (component)>> Canon LV-S1 (Component IN)

    RX-V765 Speaker setup TBD (help)

    let me know if this looks right? I hope that I am leaving the right kind of detail to get the best help here. Thanks in advance.

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