Need Help: $4000 Budget, Complete theatre

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    I'm ready to make the jump to making my television and sports exciting but need help to get the best bang for my hard earned dollar. Me: Active duty military, Stationed in Japan, 1 wife, 1 baby. Wife likes to stream from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon video. Baby likes to watch movies saved on the computer. The area in which we watch movies changes with each new station, some small some big. Want the system to last 10 years. Looking for TV which the wife has always said size matters (So when we got married I agreed to do the dishes :D ), need all audio components and power and surge protection. Prefer to buy from Amazon as they have to ship to an APO address but not requirement. If you could include links and why you made that recommendation I would appreciate it.
    Already Own:
    Extra High end Gaming Computer used as home server with Plex through PS3 (Considering getting Popcorn Hour A-200)
    Bose 3.2.1 GS II Home Theater System 321 GS Series II (No-HDMI/thinking about putting in the bedroom)
    Wireless router
    Thank you
    So far this is what I have come up with, but I dont know anything about home this type of stuff.

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