MY TOP 12 TV shows that need to come to DVD

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  1. Matthew Burdette

    May 30, 2006
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    Here is my wish list of TV shows that needs to be released on DVD

    1. Bonkers (Hey disney, release the show in STORYLINE ORDER, Lucky Piquel episodes first, and while you are at it, include the original one hour version of Going Bonkers as the first episode of the set.)
    2. The Jetsons: The 1980s episodes (There were 50 more episodes of the Jetsons made in the mid 80s (26 More episodes then the original run!) And they need to be released on DVD!)
    3. Frankenstein JR and the Impossibles (GOOD SHOW, NEEDS A DVD RELEASE BADLY)
    4. The Rise and Fall of WCW (Not really a tv show but with Eric Bischoff's book Controversey Creates Cash coming out, WWE SHOULD BE RELEASING A RISE AND FALL OF WCW DVD WITH THE MONDAY NIGHT WAR Doc as a bonus feature.)
    5. Doctor Who: The Trial of a Timelord season (This is a enjoyable season that needs a DVD release!)
    6. Survivor Series Anthology (This year is the 20th anniversary of the first Survivor Series PPV and next year is the 10th of the Montreal Incident)
    7. Beavis And Butthead: the Banned episodes (+ episodes with fire references restored)
    8. The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (Great TV MOVIE in Need of a DVD release
    9. WCW/Jim Crocket Promotions/NWA Starrcade complete anthology (HEY WWE, Release EVERY STARRCADE on DVD!)
    10. Doctor Who: The Movie (Hey Universal, Fox and the BBC, LET THE BBC RELEASE THE TV MOVIE ON DVD!)
    11. Kim Possible season sets (I want on my season set 16/9 widescreen and 5.1!)
    12. American Dragon: Jake Long The complete first season.

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