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    Hey folks, I've been a member here since last year and it's been a joy to watch each person's theater project come together! I've got a modest home theater in our living room, but I thought I'd show everyone the front projection setup I've begun building in my basement home office. I'd love to hear everyone's opinion!

    Here is a photo journal documenting the "foundation" of the front projection setup, namely my DIY extreme makeover of the boring home office in the home we purchased in June:

    Home Office v1.0

    Here is a small photo journal documenting my installation of a Da-Lite 92" 16:9 Contour Electrol, and a NEC vt660k LCD projector into the office:

    Home Office v1.1

    This room is something of a Swiss Army Knife. It needs to fulfill many objectives, chief among them providing a creative environment from which to run my internet publishing ventures (namely It was also important for me to have a fun atmosphere for our two young girls to enjoy when they wanted to work and play in the office alongside mommy and daddy. So, I've tried to combine my business requirements with our families' needs. I like how it has turned out so far! Since I had really never done any serious woodworking before this project, it could have turned out much worse [​IMG]

    The next step is audio..... I'm looking for a compact speaker solution that can make multimedia shine but can also do double duty as part of a modest home theater. Does anyone have much experience with in-wall speakers? Does anyone have any experience with ultra-compact speakers that sound much larger than they really are?



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