My North American DVD experience...NOT RECOMMENDED

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    Last month, I ordered from NORTH AMERICAN DVD, a Canadian based online retailer. I had done a search on for the HBO miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon."

    4-23 Ordered From the Earth to the Moon for $56.99. Shipping on the dvdpricesearch said $4.95
    4-23 Recieved receipt number, informed my shipping would be determined when they validate my 'ship to' address. Also said order would ship in 48 hours.
    4-26 Have not received any further communications from North American DVD. Sent them this email:

    "Am I supposed to receive an email confirming my shipping costs or the shipping of the item itself? I ordered my item on Friday and only received an email about my receipt number, and it stated: "Final tax and shipping charges will be determined by North American DVD when we validate your "ship to" address upon receipt of your order..." Just wanted to find out the status of my order."

    4-26 Recieved response from "Angela":

    "Shipping for your order is $ 6.00, We will be shipping to you today."

    The shipping should have been $4.95, but I didn't complain.

    4-26 Emailed them back asking:

    "Ok then. Do I receive a tracking number for my order?"

    5-5 Have not heard anything from them nor recieved my order. Sent them yet another email:

    "I sent an email to your company on the 28th asking about shipping. I have not recieved a response. I have heard multiple complaints already about your failure to communicate to your customers. I would recommend you really improve your email updates to people if you want to keep your customers. I need to get a tracking number for my order."

    5-5 Got their attention. This was from "Angela, per Nick". whatever that means:

    "Your order shipped on April 3rd (I guess they meant May 3rd), it was on back order for a few
    days . It was shipped USPS Airmail, It may take a few days longer from Canada."

    Still no tracking number and they lied in their previous email about shipping my order, nor informed me that my order was on backorder.

    5-7 Fed up with the entire situation, I look around and find some prices from FTETTM that aren't too much more for NA DVD, but with much better reputations. I send NA this email:

    "Again, I want a tracking number. If I do not receive my tracking number by today, I want my order CANCELLED. I recieved an email on the 26th of last month stating my order was shipping, then recieved an email on the 3rd of this month stating my order was shipping. Which is it? Are any of those dates even true for when my product was shipped? Has my product been shipped. I NEED TO KNOW. Thank you."

    5-7 Recieved response from "Angela":

    "I apologize for the error in my last email, Your order was shipped May 3rd, It was shipped postal so there is not a tracking #. Normal delivery time is 7 - 10 business days."

    5-13 FINALLY recieve my package. DVDs are in surprisingly good shape. However, there is no bill or statement or anything. I have no clue how much *exactly* I was charged.

    5-15 Sent this email:

    "I never recieved a statement with my order. I have no idea exactly how much I was charged. Please send this info."

    5-24 Given up on waiting for a response.

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