My Master Trade/Sell List Bluray/3D + DVD + DC + SLIPS + 3DS + Wii + PS3 + Xbox 360

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    All prices listed include shipping within the Continental US, but will only ship orders of $14 or more. If you want something less there will be a $4 shipping fee added. Will consider Shipping elsewhere for extra cost. Will consider trade towards items on my want lst, and will consider all other offers.

    Black Nintendo 3DS Bundle with Extended Battery and 5 3DS Games - $275 Shipped via Priority Mail within the Continental US.
    You will be getting athe following
    - Black 3DS System*(Brand New & Sealed)
    - Nyko Power Pak+ Extended Battery to Doble your play time.*(Brand New & Sealed)

    And the following 5 games:
    -*The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Brand New & Sealed)
    -*Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever and New Friends*(Brand New & Sealed)
    -*Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (Used Like New)
    -*LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars*(Used Like New)
    - Rayman 3D*(Used Like New)

    3D Blurays Brand New
    Kung Fu Panda 3D (Best Buy Exclusive with DVD) - $35

    3D Blurays Used Like New
    Sony 3D World Demo Disc 2010 Vol. 1 (In a Blue 3D Case) - $15

    Blurays New and Sealed
    Ben-Hur: 50th Anniversary - Ultimate Collector's Set with Figurine - $45 -Have 2 Copies
    Citizen Kane 70th Anniversary Edition - Best Buy Exclusive Bluray Book Format - $25
    Legion (It includes a Digital copy but don't know if it has expired) -$7
    The Man with No Name - Trilogy - $30

    Blurays Used Discs Like New (See condition note)
    Beauty and the Beast (2D Bluray + DVD + Digital Copy from the 3D set in the original case with original 3D artwork.) - $14
    Clash of the Titans (This is the New Version. This is the 2D Bluray only in the case from my 3D version.) - $6
    G-FORCE (Bluray only from Bluray/DVD combo pack in the original case with original artwork no slip.) - $8
    Sin City (This is in the Extended Version Case but only includes the Theatrical Cut Only on Bluray + DVD) - $6

    Bluray Disc Only (Disc is like new Condition and will ship in a DVD Envelope in padded mailer.)
    Disney's Christmas Carol 2009 - $6
    Sucker Punch - $6

    Rare DVDs Like New Condition
    Woody Woodpecker and Friends - The Collector's Edition DVDs Volumes 1 through 8 for $150 Shipped within the Continental US via Paypal. Will ship priority mail with tracking and signature.
    These are from the Columbia House Series and are much better than the new box set dvds of Woody Woodpecker, because these dvds offer much more classic footage, such as woody newsreels and special segments with Walter Lantz.
    Here is a list of episodes on each disc:
    "Life Begins for Andy Panda" "The Pied Piper of Basin Street" "Knock Knock" (edited) "Who's Cookin' Who?" "Overture to William Tell" "Bathting Buddies" "Smoked Hams" "The Fox and the Rabbit" "The Barber of Seville" (edited) "I'm Cold" (TV print, edited) "Convict Concerto" (TV print) "Secret Weapon" (made-for-TV Space Mouse cartoon)
    "Belle Boys" (TV print) "Broadway Bow Wow's" (TV print) "Woody Woodpecker" (TV print, edited) "Ace in the Hole" "The Bandmaster" (1947) "Banquet Busters" "The Redwood Sap" (TV print) "Crazy Mixed-Up Pup" (TV print, edited) "The Screwdriver" (TV print retitled "Woody's Jalopy", edited) "Hot Noon" (TV print, edited) "The Flying Turtle" (TV print) "Room and Wrath" (TV print, edited)
    "Chew-Chew Baby" "The Sleeping Princess" "The Dizzy Acrobat" "The Screwball" "Three Lazy Mice" "Solid Ivory" "Sh-h-h-h-h-h" (TV print) "The Egg-Cracker Suite" (TV print) "Woodpecker in the Rough" (TV print) "Wrestling Wrecks" (TV print) "Pig in a Pickle" (TV print) "Drooler's Delight" (TV print)
    "Fish Fry" "Pixie Panic" "Woody Dines Out" "Crow Crazy" "The Sliphorn King of Polaroo" "The Reckless Driver" (edited) "What's Sweepin'" (TV print, edited) "The Mouse and the Lion" (TV print) "The Legend of Rockabye Point" (TV print) "Termites From Mars" (TV print) "Swing Your Partner" (TV print, edited) "Hold That Rock" (TV print)
    "The Hollywood Matador" "The Adventures of Tom Thumb" "Well Oiled" "The Wacky Weed" (edited) "Musical Moments from Chopin" "The Beach Nut" "Chili Con Corny" "Candy Land" "Jolly Little Elves" "Coo-Coo Nuts" "Real Gone Woody" (TV print) "Boogie Woogie Sioux" (TV print retitled "Indian Beatnick", edited) "Chilly Willy" (TV print retitled "Cold Feet", edited)
    "Andy Panda Goes Fishing" "The Poet and Peasant" "Ski for Two" "Meatless Tuesday" "Jungle Jive" "The Loose Nut" "The Great Who Dood It" (TV print) "Andy Panda's Pop" (TV print retitled "Goofy Roofer") "Paw's Night Out" (TV print) "Wicket Wacky" (TV print) "Andy Panda's Victory Garden" (TV print retitled "Springtime for Andy") "The Ostrich Egg and I" (TV print)
    "Fair Weather Fiends" "Scrambled Eggs" "Woody the Giant Killer" "100 Pygmies and Andy Panda" "Kitten Mittens" (edited) "The Coo-Coo Bird" "Get Lost!" (TV print) "The Dog That Cried Wolf" (TV print) "Hot Rod Huckster" (TV print) "Arts and Flowers" "Salmon Yeggs" "Gabby's Diner" "Doc's Last Stand"
    "Mousie Come Home" "Apple Andy" "The Dippy Diplomat" "Slingshot 6 7/8" (TV print) "Syncopated Sioux" (TV print, edited) "Wet Blanket Policy" (TV print, edited) "Scalp Treatment" (TV print) "Nutty Pine Cabin" (TV print) "The Talking Dog" (TV print) "Hypnotic Hick" (TV print) "Dizzy Kitty" (TV print) "Maw and Paw" (TV print)

    DVD Disc Only (Disc is like new Condition and will ship in a DVD Envelope in padded mailer.)
    Inception - $4

    Digital Copies
    Fast Five (code) - $4
    The Smurfs (UV) - $4 2 Available
    Xmen First Class (Code + Disc) - $4

    Slip Covers
    White Christmas - $4

    I also have the Lion King Triology Box for sale it includes everything the Discs and DMR slip. (You get the Box the outer ring/slip the Drum box and the cardstock folder system that held the discs) - $25

    Playstation 3
    New and Sealed
    Brunswick Pro Bowling -PS move compatible - $14 (Has small indentation on back of case from stores security case)
    Killzone 3: Helghast Edition - $50

    Like New (DLC has likely been used if it was included)
    Currently all are sold out will add more in future.

    Nintendo 3DS
    Brand New and Sealed
    Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever and New Friends - $25
    Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friends - $25
    Nintendogs + Cats: Toy Poodle and New Friends - $25

    Opened but like new 3DS
    Street Fighter 4 with 3D Lenticular Slip - $20
    Rayman 3DS - $15
    LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - $15

    Nintendo Wii
    New and Sealed
    Super Mario Allstars Limited Edition -$50

    Like New
    Currently all are sold out will add more in future.

    Used--See Condition Note--all discs play fine
    Soulcalibur Legends - $5 (Disc and manual only in replacement Case)

    Xbox 360
    New and Sealed
    BioShock 2 Limited Edition - $50
    Disneyland Adventures for Kinect - $35

    Like New (DLC has likely been used if it was included)
    BioShock 2 Limited Edition - Opened only to Upload CD on MP3 Player Game still sealed and DLC unused - $40
    Golden Axe - $5
    Lost: Via Domus - $5
    Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia - $5 Viva Pinata (Platinum Hits) - $5
    Viva Pinata: Party Animals - $5

    Like New but is in alternate Case see notes on each (DLC has likely been used if it was included)
    Devil May Cry 4 (In a Purple Kinect Game Case) - $6
    HellBoy: The Science of Evil (In a Black Case) - $5

    Previous Rental with Rental artwork
    Eternal Sonata (In a Black Case without manual) - $8
    Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise - $10
    Watchmen: The End is Nigh Parts 1&2 (With Best Buy DLC) - $5

    TV Seasons Sets on Bluray for only $11 each - Discs Only
    Nip/Tuck – Season 4
    Pushing Daisies – Season 1

    TV Seasons Sets on DVD for only $6 each - Discs Only

    Alias – Season 3
    Alias – Season 4
    Battlestar Galatica – Season 2.0 (2005)
    Battlestar Galatica – Season 2.5 (2005)
    Beauty and the Beast – Season 1
    Boomtown – Season 1
    C.S.I. Miami – Season 1
    C.S.I. Miami – Season 2
    C.S.I. Miami – Season 3
    C.S.I. Miami – Season 4
    C.S.I. Miami – Season 5
    C.S.I. New York – Season 1
    C.S.I. New York – Season 2
    C.S.I. New York – Season 3
    Charmed – Season 1
    Charmed – Season 2
    Crossing Jordan – Season 1
    Dane Cook – The Lost Pilots
    Dawson’s Creek – Season 1
    Dawson’s Creek – Season 2
    Dawson’s Creek – Season 3
    Dawson’s Creek – Season 4
    Dawson’s Creek – Season 5
    Dawson’s Creek – Season 6
    Daybreak – The Complete Series (2008 4 Disc Release)
    Desperate Housewives – Season 1
    Desperate Housewives – Season 2
    Desperate Housewives – Season 3
    Desperate Housewives – Season 4 (Previous Rental)
    Diagnosis Murder – Season 1
    Dirt – Season 1 (Previous Rental)
    Dirty Sexy Money – Season 1
    Eli Stone – Season 1 (Previous Rental)
    Ellen – Season 1
    EUReKA – Season 2
    Everwood – Season 1
    Falcon Beach – Season 1
    Felicity – Season 1
    Jeremiah – Season 1
    Jericho - The First Season
    Knight Rider – Season 1 Original Series
    Lipstick Jungle – Season 1 (Previous Rental)
    Loop – Season 1
    Lost – Season 1
    Lost – Season 2
    Lost – Season 3 - $10
    Men Behaving Badly – Complete Series
    Miracles – The Complete Series
    Mission Impossible – Season 1
    Monk – Season 1
    Monk – Season 2
    Monk – Season 3
    Monk – Season 4
    Monk – Season 5
    Monk – Season 6
    My Boys – The Complete First – Season
    Nickelodeon Kids Choice Winners Collection
    Nightmares & Dreamscapes – Complete Series
    Nip/Tuck – Season 1
    Nip/Tuck – Season 2
    Nip/Tuck – Season 3
    Nip/Tuck: Season 5, Part 1 (Previous Rental)
    Northern Exposure – Season 3
    Northern Exposure – Season 4
    October Road – Season 1
    Painkiller Jane – The Complete Series
    Party of Five – Season 1
    Party of Five – Season 2
    Point Pleasant – Complete Series
    Prison Break – Season 1
    Prison Break – Season 2
    Prison Break – Season 3
    Private Practice – Season 1
    Psych – Season 1
    MTV Punk'd - The Complete First Season
    MTV Punk'd - The Complete Second Season
    Samantha Who? – Season 1
    Shark – Season 1
    Significant Others – Complete Series (1998)
    Saturday Night Live: The Complete First Season, 1975-1976
    Spin City - Michael J. Fox's All-Time Favorites, Vol. 1 -
    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Complete Series
    Swingtown – Season 1
    The Bill Engvall Show – Season 1
    The Comeback Complete Series
    The Ellen Show – Season 1
    The Gilmore Girls – Season 1
    The Mind of a Married Man – Season 1
    The Riches – Season 1
    Tru Calling – Season 1
    Tru Calling – Season 2
    Tyler Perry’s House of Payne – Volume 1
    Ugly Betty – Season 1
    VIP – Season 1
    What About Brian – Season 1
    Wildfire – Season 1
    Without a Trace – Season 1
    Without a Trace – Season 2

    My Want List
    3D Blurays
    Carmen 3D
    Dolphin Tale 3D
    Final Destination 5 3D
    Fright Night 3D
    Glee 3D Concert
    Sammy's Adventures-Region A import

    Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy
    Mr. Poppins Penguins
    Rise of the Planet Apes
    Star Wars Complete Saga or Both Trilogies
    The Hangover 2

    Disney Generations: Amy
    Disney Generations: Fuzzbucket
    Disney Generations: Goldrush, A Real Life Alaskan Adventure
    Disney Generations: The Waltz King
    Disney Generations: Student Exchange Captain Planet And The Planeteers: Season One
    The California Raisins Complete Series

    PS3 Games
    Batman Arkham City (with Catwoman code)
    Mortal Kombat (the most recent one)

    Wii Games
    Wii Play Motion*
    Wii Sports Resort
    Zelda Skyward Sword

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