My iPod Touch doesn't seem to cooperate with my Dlink router all the time

Discussion in 'Apple' started by homerun79, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Jan 9, 2011
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    I can always connect to my home network via wifi with the ipod, which shows a full bars signal but I can't do anything internet related!

    I have found a solution to get it going, so maybe someone could shed light on my situation and how to avoid this. If I go into the ipod settings and click Renew Lease, it makes the internet work again... I guess there may be a setting on my router that creates a conflict perhaps?

    I have a laptop that I use ocassionally on the wifi, and I put it in hiberanate mode more often than not, I'm wondering if the network is having trouble somewhere, maybe giving the laptops IP to my ipod?

    I'm not really an expert on networking, but I do understand the devices inside and out lol...

    Hopefully I'm providing enough info to generate some suggestions, if not let me know what you need for info!



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