My Denon Receiver AVR1912 keeps resetting.

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Cjasper1987, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Mar 4, 2012
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    I'm a new member and I'm having troubles with my Denon AVR1912. I've had the unit for 3-4 months and bought it new at Best Buy with a 4 year black tie warrenty. Anyways, If I set up my receiver to the correct settings it will keep them for them while its on. However when I power off the unit, and then power it back on. It tends to not keep or save my previous settings. The power supply is connected to a Monster Green power supply HTS850 surge protector. One of the functions on the surge protector is a "green power setting". When you turn off the Receiver it automatically and completely kills the power to all of your devices. So when i turn on the Receiver i have to reset some of the settings. Now I have disabled this function and my Denon is still resetting and not saving the setting. The Monster power supply is temporay. I plan on purchasing a Panamax Power conditioner/ power supply. Also my Denon speaker mode will not always show all the options that i normally get while using my Cable box setting or PS3 setting. For example it will only allow me to listen in Stereo mode, Multi channel stereo mode, Mono movie Mode. When i want to listen in Dolby Digital or DTS Neo 6 cinema. any help? I'm not a newbie with home audio or speakers and many people envy my setup. But I really need help. Chris

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