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    In the early 1990's, cartoons were pretty still Kiddie stuff, especially on broadcast tv and on cable as shows like "Bobby's World" "Rugrats" and "Darkwing Duck" were pretty much tailor made for the kiddies, it is no suprise that teens and adults wanted edgier (And funnier) cartoons and they did not want to see talking babies, hear a five year old boy say "Yuck" after getting a kiss from his girlfriend or see a talking duck and his daughter save the day. They wanted something better.... Thus, Beavis and Butthead were born. When Beavias and Butthead premered on MTV, it was a revolution that made kiddie cartoon characters like Bobby Generic and Tommy Pickles look like smart people in comparison as Beavis and Butthead. And now faster then you can hum the Black Sabbath song "Iron Man" MTV home Video and Paramount have released the first two volumes of the Mike Judge Collection which puts together the best of the best of Beavis and Butthead, this is a review of the first volume.

    The first volume consists of 40 cartoons (Sans the music videos wich to me were lousy filler but some of them are moved to disc three!) which prove once and for all that Beavis and Butthead were edgy at the same time funny in the 1990s! It should be noted that most of the episodes are directors cut episodes. Here is my picks for the best episodes of the first volume:

    -Home Improvment: Mr. Anderson orders Beavis and Butthead to only paint the trim but thanks to sniffing paint thinner, Beavis and Butthead paint too much!
    -Lawn and Garden: Mr. Anderson orders Beavis and Butthead to prune however Butthead decides to cut the whole tree down.
    -Right On: Beavis and Butthead Call's Gus Baker (A spoff of Rush Limbaugh) on the Gus Baker show thus sending the two fools on to the show in which Gus talks about music videos but Beavis and Butthead not suprisingly goes too far!

    This show kicked butt back in the day and still does!

    Show (1-10):10

    Video and Audio: Beavis and Butthead were made in the 1990s which was a time that HD was not in vogue yet thus we get a 1.33:1 presentaion which matches the original TV broadcast presentation. And for the most part, it is good for a edgey toon, theres grain in some of the program but it doesn't distract the viewer well. I give the video a 8. The Dolby 2.0 audio sounds better then the video as the canned rock music takes hold which I give a 9.

    The extras are in the third disc and are fun to watch
    -Taint of greatness Part one
    -11 Music Videos
    -B&B Thanksgiving Special
    -VMA appearances

    Extras:10 (Extras are reviewed on quality!)

    In the end: This show still rocks!

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