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    "Play In The Gray" To Be Released On DVD August 24, 2012

    An intimate look at identity, sexuality, love, and performance art



    Play in the Gray is a penetrating, and at times vulnerably raw, portrait of the work, art, and emotional lives of the members of All The Kings Men.

    All The Kings Men is a drag and cabaret inspired theater troupe based out of Boston. The troupe intrigues- on stage they perform as old ladies or appear to be women dressed as men or men dressed as women. Their electrifying, award-winning show makes audiences laugh while also questioning themselves and the world. Behind the scenes, Katie, Maria, Julee, Karin, Jill and Leighsa, the members of All the Kings Men, practice hard, spend long hours on the road, and struggle to "make it"-they want All the Kings Men to be a household name.

    Personally, they struggle to discover who they are, who they want to be, and who they are afraid of being. Play in the Gray travels with the troupe members as they visit their hometowns, have difficult conversations with family, work their day jobs, maintain relationships, and share their stories of personal struggle and identity.The troupe members challenge the notion of what it means to "be a man" or "be a woman", shedding light on what happens when the answer is not that easy.

    On its face, Play in the Gray is a simple dismantling of the "man-woman" binary that pervades popular culture. But this film is more than just an exploration of gender theory. Play in the Gray is a tiny, yet profoundly intimate, glimpse into the human experience. This film is about the complications of loving, being loved, getting hurt, suffering disappointment, questing for approval and being courageous.



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