Multiangle on BluRay for Localization?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by TheHutt, Sep 7, 2011.

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    As far as DVD goes, there were some studios in the past which used the multiangle feature in order to localize titles, credits etc. For instance, R1 BuenaVista titles used to have intro and end credits in French additionally to English ones. On BluRay, this seems to be rather on the decline. Only Pixar and some newer Disney titles ("Tangled") seem to employ this feature for title localization, Pixar being most extensive (they also use it widely to localize signs, newspaper headings and other in-film inscriptions). Another prominent title is Star Wars, where the intro textcrawl is localized, based on the language choice in the menu. I wonder, however, why this feature is not used more often. Especially as localized digital masters are available: they are used in cinemas for digital projection, so it would not lead to quality loss. Also, BluRay seems less restrictive than DVD in this matter (multiangle on BluRay is rather the same technology as seamless branching, and doesn't require tight technological restrictions like identical MPEG GOP structures for this matter). So I wonder if there actually are more titles with title localization via multiangle on BluRay out there; and also why there are so few of them anyhow.
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    My guess as to why there are so few titles out there: Not doing it is cheaper than doing it. :)

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