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    I don't have the budget for new equipment for my HT, so everything I use is quite old:
    *An Onkyo 5:1 DOM about 1995
    *Yamaha amp probably mid 80's
    *Another Yamaha amp 70's vintage.
    *Koss floor speakers, 90's (Front L&R mains)
    *JBL floor speakers 70's (Rear surrounds)
    *Two home made 10" subs
    *Home made front and rear center speakers
    *Jamo front surround speakers (Fairly new)
    *dbx Dynamic range expander, DOM probably mid 90's

    All equipment is strong, perfect working order.

    I used the Onkyo in the 5:1 standard configuration for about 6 months along with a Yamaha to drive the subs, and after using REW for placement it sounded pretty good.

    But I made a "fake" 7:1 system last weekend, and now it all sounds fantastic. I was really suprised.

    Here is what I did:

    I basically took the Onkyo's Surround Pre-out and fed into a Yamah amp. That Yamaha amp drives the two front surround speakers. To make the front surround image a bit different than the rear, I put the dynamic range expander in the circuit and added a lot of "punch" to it.

    I still use one channel of the other Yamaha amp to drive the sub, but now I feed surround into the other channel and drive the rear surround speaker.

    I realize my system can't compete with modern equipment but it really does sound fantastic, which was my goal. A great sounding budget system.

    I was wondering if anybody else here uses similar "creative" connection schemes?


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