Moving Sale... TV on DVD Sets, $20 each

Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by ChadP2k, Nov 21, 2008.

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    OK I'm moving to a new house and have to downscale my collection. Each season set is available for $20, plus shipping. If you buy more than one set I will include the shipping for free. Please PM or e-mail me if interested, I need to move these ASAP.

    The Andy Griffith Show:
    Seasons 1-8 (1 is open, rest are still in shrinkwrap) $20 for each set, or $145 for the entire group

    Everybody Loves Raymond
    Seasons 1-7, 1 & 4 are open the rest are still sealed - $20 each, or $125 total

    I Love Lucy
    Seasons 1-6, 1 & 2 are open rest are sealed- $20 each or, $115 total

    Volumes 1-6, all are opened $20 each or $120 for the series

    My eBay user id is historyvid if you want to check feedback.

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