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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Vickie_M, Dec 11, 2003.

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    Opportunity #1: On Monday, December 15, you can stop into the Borders bookstore at 2817 N. Clark and pick up a pass for 2 to see Big Fish on Wednesday, December 17. The ad in today's paper didn't list what theater it would playing at, or the time. It also didn't give Borders' store times. Check local listings, as they say.

    Opportunity #2: I personally have a pass for 2 to see The House of Sand and Fog on Wednesday, December 17, at Piper's Alley Theater, 7:30. Does anyone want it?

    You have to have the actual physical pass to present at the door, so we'd have to figure out how you can get it from me.

    Don't say yes unless you mean it and WILL GO. I don't want 2 seats to this by-all-accounts excellent Oscar-calibur film to go to waste.

    I got it from Cinema Chicago (the Chicago Film Festival people, I'm a member) but you don't have to have a membership card for the screening. You DO have to be there early. This is going to be a hot ticket and seats are not guaranteed. They always overbook these things to make sure they're full, and you get no compensation if you're too late and the theater fills up.

    Explanation: I've seen Big Fish, but my husband hasn't (he was out-of-town), so we're going to be in line when Borders opens to try and get one of their passes. While I'm dying to see HoSaF, my husband has no interest (he's not generally into heavy melodramas) and I'm not going to pass up a chance to see BF with him when the alternative is leave him sitting at home, or pack him off to see BF by himself. Other movies, other times, it wouldn't matter so much, but Big Fish is going to be very special to us and I want us to see it together, asap. I'll see HoSaF when it opens anyway.

    I'm having to pass up seeing Golden Chicken which I want to see but it's on Tuesday, and my butt will be parked in a Lord of the Rings marathon. That screening requires a Cinema Chicago membership card though.

    I wish I'd thought of doing this earlier. I've had to pass up several screenings over the last year. In the future, if I get a pass and can't use it, and it's a pass that doesn't require a Cinema Chicago card, I'll revive this thread and re-edit. Also if I see another ad in the paper like this one.

    I don't always get the paper so I don't often see these cases where you can go to suchandsuch shop and pick up passes to movies. I know they happen all the time. If someone sees something like that, please post. Let's help each other out. I like this Big Fish ad. They're running it days beforehand which gives time to prepare. Other times I've seen ads where they start giving away the morning the ad appears. By the time I notice it and get to the Tower or Borders or whereever, all the tickets are gone. It's nice to have advance warning.

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