More bass management issues with the A1...?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Vader, Jun 16, 2007.

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    I think the BM problem may reach farther than just the analog outs (or I'm completely whacked, and have something hooked up wrong - either way, I need help!). I had calibrated over SPDIF using DVE (75dB satellites, 85dB sub), but I compared the results with the tones from HD-DVE just to be sure. Well, the satellites were all spot on at 75dB, but the LFE was low by about 5dB (coming in at 80dB). Coming over SPDIF, the LFE tone is just TrueHD remixed to a DTS stream, so this seemed a little odd (my understanding was that the LFE bug was limited to analog TrueHD and DD+). I had seen this 5dB discrepancy when using analogs as well, but I assumed it was the (analog-only?) LFE bug. When running the HD-DVE LFE test tone over the analogs, I found that the LFE is low (same 5dB), but only when the audio is either DD+ or TrueHD. Either I have something set up wrong in the Tosh, or the DD+ or TrueHD is being sent 5dB too low, in addition to the redirected bass issue (I hope its the former). I always thought the DVE intro videos on HD-DVE were kinda flat (bass-wise) compared to the SD version. It seems that the problem is the bass from the DD+ track (whether downmixed to DTS via SPDIF or using the analogs) is 5dB colder than standard DD (or DTS). Please tell me I'm all wet, and there is a simple fix...

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