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    Hi. This is my first post. Please be kind [​IMG]
    Anyway, I have been researching a new tv for quite some time now. I have come across a couple of deals that I wanted to get the groups opinion on. The first is a Mits WS55511 Integrated HDTV. It is on sale here locally for $2899. My question on this one is... should I avoid the integrated unit? The second tv that I have come across is a Philips 60PP9392. This unit I can get for only $1599 (after $100 rebate). The price difference is huge between these two TVs... and the cheaper one is bigger (albeit without the tuner).
    My question: If it were your decision to make, would you pay more for the better name (Mits) and the Integrated tuner, IEEE connection, plus the other good features of the Mits... or would you cut costs for a good bigger tv, without some of the bells and whistles.
    Note: my TV viewing habits are primetime network tv shows... about 2-3 dvds/week and a small amount of PlayStation2 game playing during the weekend. I also watch a ton of sports... if there is a game on, I tend to turn that on first. (Go CAPS [​IMG] )
    Any opinions on either of these TVs or any other ones that are available for a great price now would be greatly appreciated.
    Adam Breakey

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