MISTAKES on "Fat Albert volume 1"

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by AndyMcKinney, Mar 21, 2005.

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    Don't know whether it's sped-up or not, but I have found OTHER minor (but annoying) mistakes with this set:

    1. On three or four of the episodes on disc one, the WRONG credits sequence is used! These are 1972 episodes, but about half of the episodes on disc one use the 1980s "syndication" credit sequences, from when the series was re-packaged. Cosby is quite visibly older. Even the closing credits on these episodes is the syndication version (though they do properly credit Robert Chenault as the live-action director, more about that in point 2 below).

    2. For the remaining episodes on the set, they do have the proper "vintage" of opening/closing titles, but they are not the original 1972 title, but are from 1976 (as evidenced by the copyright date at the end of the episodes). While the animation, music, etc. is all the same, one important (potentially litigous) difference is that the production personnel were not entirely the same in 1976 as in 1972. Arthur Nadel, for instance, is credited as the live-action director, when Filmation buffs know that Robert Chenault was the head of live-action at Filmation until 1975, when he quit the company and was replaced by Nadel that year.

    I'm sure the reason for this is UrbanWorks, if they even did any clean-up, decided to clean up only "one" set of '70s titles and just decided to strip them into all the '70s episodes, regardless of production year. This doesn't account for the four "syndication" versions on disc 1, though. Either they stripped in the wrong one, or the tapes that Entertainment Rights sent them had the syndicated titles on them, so that's what they used, not knowing any better.

    These are really stupid mistakes, but they're not enough to make me return the set to Amazon. I halfway understand using one set of '70s titles (though artists like Chenault might not take too kindly to it), but the screw-up with the '80s re-made titles was really idiotic.

    I think, for the next set, they should use the correct ending titles for each episode, if for no other reason, that the episodes will properly credit the individuals who worked on them.

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