Mirage BPSS-210 Sub. How can I find its power consumption rating?

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    Good day to all

    I own this sub for a long time and it works flawlessly. At this period, I am renovating my HT space completely and - among other jobs - the renovation work requires the replacement of the power cables to new, thicker/stronger ones. In this effort, I am selecting information for all the devices (not only the AV equipment, but all, like lighting, A/C, etc.), especially for the power-hungry ones, like amplifiers, to determine what the main cable gauge requirements are. So far, I have this for almost all my equipment, but I am missing my Mirage subwoofer one. The only information I have is the one described in the manual, which gives the type of the embodied amplifier and its power output rating, but it does not mention anything about the power consumption. Here is what I have:

    Amplifier: Discrete Class A/B current mode

    Protection: Two thermal protection circuits - Smart Overload adaptive protection

    Power Output: 250 WRMS, 500 W peak

    Distortion: Less than 0.08% at 250 W

    Drivers: Two LF drivers 10" ea, with 1" Linear Travel peak to peak

    Enclosure: Dual sealed, bipolar design

    Servo system: Acceleration type, High Gain 3Hz to 300Hz.

    Can someone predict what is its power consumption, even approximately?



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