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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Jason Seaver, May 22, 2003.

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    I love living here. Not only did Boston finally get a couple really good mainstream theaters a couple years ago, but the opportunities to see non-mainstream movies keep expanding. For now, the guys who program the Coolidge are starting a new program - "Allston Cinema Underground", with the first program being "Ass Kicking Asian Summer". Saturday Matinees (well, 4pm shows) have already started; Friday/Saturday evening features and Wednesday evening features start in June.

    Of course, most papers don't have listings for the Allston Cinema, so I missed Jet Li in Shaolin Temple 3: North And South Shaolin last week. I didn't even realize it was still open; I believe it used to be a Showcase property which got knocked down to second-run when the nice places started opening up (it might be in Fenway's exclusivity zone), then got sold off. Last I heard, it was running Bollywood movies. I've gone past it a few times and, I'll admit, it's probably at the bottom of the list where Boston-area theaters are concerned. But, where else are you going to see this stuff on the big screen with a crowd?

    Schedule and other information is here: http://www.crowned.org/allston/index.html

    17 May: Shoalin Temple 3: North And South Shaolin (Jet Li)
    24 May: The Master Strikes
    31 May: Enter The Fat Dragon (Sammo Hung; I am all over this)
    4 June: Sex And Zen
    6 June: Riki Oh: The Story Of Ricky
    7 June: The Dragon, The Hero
    7 June: Riki Oh: The Story Of Ricky
    11 June: Mr. Vampire Pt. 3
    13 June: Fudoh: The Next Generation (Takashi Miike)
    14 June: Heart Of The Dragon
    14 June: Fudoh: The Next Generation (Takashi Miike)
    18 June: Witch From Nepal (Chow Yun-Fat)
    20 June: Ichi The Killer (Takashi Miike; I fear this movie)
    21 June: Snake Deadly Act
    21 June: Ichi The Killer (Takashi Miike)
    25 June: Devil Fetus
    27 June: Versus
    28 June: Yes Madam! (Michelle Yeoh, Cynthia Rothrock)
    28 June: Versus

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