Michael Gross: Interview Pt2: Ghostbuster Answers

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    I'll post the first six when I get them...

    6)I know that you didn't have any part in Extreme GB,
    but if you've seen any of it, what do you think of the series? And fans want to know, 'Is it considered Cannon with the original?'

    I never even saw one episode of Extreme GB. It was a concept of Hasbro to try and re vitalize the franchise to sell toys (I never saw a toy either). I think they may even have paid to get it produced, not sure.

    7)What would you like to see released as extras on the animated Ghostbuster DVD's? Any particular forms, ala season sets or best ofs? Any current plans to put these out?

    7:It's a shame there is no collection of the best shows. The first set of videos was when video tape was still a young industry. There were only a few shows completed and some were just terrible...we were still feeling out how
    to do the show. One of my favorites was the chickens show and the very sophisticated boogie man show...too many others to recall...but I wish there would be a good collection. I'm surprised we haven't seen the show being
    aired anywhere at all...

    8)Last RGB question....There's supposedly a Ghostbuster
    Revival going on. A new Comic Book has appeared,
    shifting away from the RGB Designs(Fans of Egons hair
    from the series are dissapointed [​IMG] ), and going
    with a more movie toned look. If this is a success,
    do you think a new animated series based on the book
    can make it in todays toon market?

    8:I haven't seen a new comic...can you send me one?
    I have no idea if it could come back to life...my feeling is no...that was then and this is now...new audiences, etc.

    9)First of the Movie questions. What was it like
    working with these guys in their prime? Where they
    really as wild as reports during their Saturday Night
    Live days would have us beleive?

    9:No not nearly. I knew Bill (and in fact John Balushi's wife was my assistant in my National Lampoon days) during those days...they WERE wild, By the time the movie was made, no one was wild anymore.

    10)Dan Ackroyd is apparently really into ghosts and
    spooks, as is one of his brothers. I'm curious
    if he ever took you to a 'live haunted house'(no
    pun intended) as research for the movie? And
    have you had any real ghost encounters?

    10[​IMG]anny talked a lot about the super natural and I'm aware of his brothers interest...but no we never did any thing approaching the subject. The closest thing we did for "research" was movies...we screened "Ghostbreakers"
    "Scared Stiff" (the same movie but with jerry Lewis instead of Bob Hope...same script, director, some scenes even picked up)...and others. But actual haunted houses etc...no.

    11)Who's idea was the 'Stay Puft Marshmellow Man'?
    One of the best movie ideas and designs ever [​IMG].
    You just feel so sorry for the poor guy when he
    gets burned to bits [​IMG].

    11[​IMG]anny came up with Stay Puft in his very first draft. The actual design was figured out at the effects stage. We were very unsure of the idea all through filming...thought we might be crazy and we were worried...but the
    first screening calmed those fears...he went over HUGE,,,then we asked ourselves, how could we have doubted ourselves.

    12)With CGI as prevalent as it is Today, what type of
    Ghost effects do you think you can get away with
    compared to the 80's? Or do you think that CGI
    can ruin the 'realism' that a puppet or manaquin
    can represent?

    12:No cgi has only made effects better. We struggled with transformations, etc..today, kids stuff. On the other hand it is a good example of how it is concept and writing that in the end count.

    13)Many people are wondering if a 20th anniversary
    DVD of Ghostbusters is in the works? I don't know
    why it would be needed since the first one,
    with the MST3K Style Commentary, is one of my favorites
    ever made [​IMG]. They are also hoping Ghostbusters 2 can
    get the same treatment..Is it possible to get the 4 guys
    to do a Cast Commentary for one of them if the first
    or second are ever re-released?

    13:I think the DVD that exists is IT...anything else would be milking it. #2 with commentary? I don't know....doubt it....we've all gone our separate ways...but hey 6 years from now? First lets see who is still alive.

    14)Whatever happened to Ghostbusters 3? Was
    there ever serious talk behind getting it started?
    So many rumros, and then it just stopped....

    14[​IMG]nly rumors about#3....especially after EVOLUTION...ouch.

    15)During the end Credits of Ghostbusters 2,
    we see what appear to be bloopers. (There's
    one of Murray dancing near a refrigorator).
    Do any bloopers of the two movies exist for
    a possible DVD re-release?

    15:The bloopers (or more accurately out takes or scenes cut) probably are in the vaults...I don¹t know. Sony doesn¹t even speak to me..... didn't consult
    on HEAVY METAL for instance.

    And 16)If there where a Ghostbusters 3, what directino
    would you like to see it go in? All new Cast?
    All new villains? etc..

    16: too hypothetical a question.....but my guess is that it would have to be so different it would have to take place on Mars.

    Michael C Gross

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