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    From Mr..Gross:

    Your questions are good ones..and deserving of a little more time for good answers (besides, got a photo shoot assignment this weekend that goes through today....will not be able to send my answers to these questions
    (particularly liked what you asked about the REAL Ghostbusters....) until tomorrow (Tues) maybe the evening...I ask for your patience for just a day
    or so, Sincerely, Michael Gross

    The Questions: I'll edit in the answers tommorow.
    Lets start off with the Real Ghostbuster questions...
    I hope there's not too many questions here, wanted
    to limit it to 15 [​IMG].


    1)How did the show come about? Was it the next
    logical step after the film became such a big

    2)How long did this cartoon take to plan before it went
    on the air? Was it tough to cast the show,
    where you trying to find voice actors who sounded like
    their live action counterparts, etc? I think I speak for
    all of us when I say that this is the BEST movie to toon
    adaption ever done. Plus it really expanded on Winstons
    character to boot [​IMG].

    3)This is a most asked question. Why was the show
    changed to a more toonified look in season 3 and
    focusing soley on the adventures of Slimer? I like
    to refer to it as the Scrappy Doo years of the GB
    franchise [​IMG]. It tried to bounce back to the story
    structure of the first two seasons toward the end
    with 'Slimer and the Real Ghostbsuters', but do you
    think it really recovered from the change over?
    I'm curious as to wether it was a network decision
    or a creative one.

    4)Speaking of Character changes....What happened
    to Janine during the final seasons of the show? I loved
    the way the change happened as an episode plot, rather
    than just magically popping up in an episode as a character
    re-design...but most fans of the show missed her old
    Annie Potts Look and NY accent...

    5)From the Newsgroup: "Why wasn't Lorenzo Music used past
    the midpoint of the Real Ghostbusters?"

    6)I know that you didn't have any part in Extreme GB,
    but if you've seen any of it, what do you think of the series?
    And fans want to know, 'Is it considered Cannon with the

    7)What would you like to see released as extras on the animated
    Ghostbuster DVD's? Any particular forms, ala season sets
    or best ofs? Any current plans to put these out?

    8)Last RGB question....There's supposedly a Ghostbuster
    Revival going on. A new Comic Book has appeared,
    shifting away from the RGB Designs(Fans of Egons hair
    from the series are dissapointed [​IMG] ), and going
    with a more movie toned look. If this is a success,
    do you think a new animated series based on the book
    can make it in todays toon market?

    9)First of the Movie questions. What was it like
    working with these guys in their prime? Where they
    really as wild as reports during their Saturday Night
    Live days would have us beleive?

    10)Dan Ackroyd is apparently really into ghosts and
    spooks, as is one of his brothers. I'm curious
    if he ever took you to a 'live haunted house'(no
    pun intended) as research for the movie? And
    have you had any real ghost encounters?

    11)Who's idea was the 'Stay Puft Marshmellow Man'?
    One of the best movie ideas and designs ever [​IMG].
    You just feel so sorry for the poor guy when he
    gets burned to bits [​IMG].

    12)With CGI as prevalent as it is Today, what type of
    Ghost effects do you think you can get away with
    compared to the 80's? Or do you think that CGI
    can ruin the 'realism' that a puppet or manaquin
    can represent?

    13)Many people are wondering if a 20th anniversary
    DVD of Ghostbusters is in the works? I don't know
    why it would be needed since the first one,
    with the MST3K Style Commentary, is one of my favorites
    ever made [​IMG]. They are also hoping Ghostbusters 2 can
    get the same treatment..Is it possible to get the 4 guys
    to do a Cast Commentary for one of them if the first
    or second are ever re-released?

    14)Whatever happened to Ghostbusters 3? Was
    there ever serious talk behind getting it started?
    So many rumros, and then it just stopped....

    15)During the end Credits of Ghostbusters 2,
    we see what appear to be bloopers. (There's
    one of Murray dancing near a refrigorator).
    Do any bloopers of the two movies exist for
    a possible DVD re-release?

    And 16)If there where a Ghostbusters 3, what directino
    would you like to see it go in? All new Cast?
    All new villains? etc

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