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    Several studios are making it difficult so sit down & watch an entire disc of episodes from a TV series. They do not include a "Play All" option in the menus and force you to go through several menus in order to play the next episode. The most recent example of this is Fox's Simpsons Season 1. Fox did not include a Play All option and you have to navigate through 3 different menus just to play the next episode. When you have to go through this ritual 6 times to watch an entire side, it gets rather annoying.
    HBO has done the same thing on their "Sex & the City" discs; Acorn Media did it on "Terry Pratchett's Soul Music". There are probably others.
    It seems as if whoever designed the menus expects people to just watch one episode & move on to another disc. I can't speak for everyone on this forum, but I like to put in a disc & watch the entire side.
    A request to all studios: PLEASE include an option to play all the episodes on a disc without interruption.

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