Marantz 2238b

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    Oct 3, 2002
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    I have a Marantz 2238B receiver with the original box that works & sounds excellent(all lights work). Rated @ 38 watts/channel. Cosmetics of the unit are very good...with a couple of small dings on a couple of the front knobs. The front plate is in perfect condition.Sold as is. Shipping is from zip 33065 Coral Springs,Fl. Paypal only(verified addresses only)
    $100.00+ shipping
    Go here to see all the specs
    Marantz Model 2238b Details Page

    Also I will have a def tech pro sub 100tl for sale as soon as I get my svs pb1 next week. The sub is in perfect condition and I have the original box and manual.
    $250.00 plus shipping from the same zip as above.


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