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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Dave Mack, May 27, 2003.

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    Hey Y'all!

    I just got a mod. code-free JVC 600. PAL-NTSC conversion is perfect. BUT, the Video mode in 480P is pretty awful. Now, I already have a JVC-70, and that's been acknowledged to have a so-so video mode, but it was livable. The 600 looks ok if there isn't any fast movement or fast pans, then LOOKOUT! It becomes a jittery, juddery digital looking mess, as if the image was "pulsing, or breathing." MUCH worse than the 70, I A/B'd it to make sure on the same system, same input by switching the component cables. Actually looks WAY better in 480i with my Mits. doing the de-interlacing, line doubling. (And Mits. BTW, is NOT known for having the best line-doubler...!) So, I'm wondering what's up...? I did a little searching and came across a thread on the 500, stating to leave the player in SMART mode, (similar to my old 70...) I thought that the 600 was essentially the same as the 500, except for the addition of DVD-Audio and the removeable ZOOM icon. Well, here's the catch, there are only 3 Modes on the 600, FILM, VIDEO and AUTO unlike the 5 modes on the 70. If the 500 has a SMART mode, then it is not the same as the 600.
    I had heard rumors that the 600 had a newer Mediamatics chip, and I asked around but was only told the VIDEO mode was bad. While I was expecting this, the newer video mode is headache inducing to say the least whenever there is quick movement.

    So, what's the skinny? It seems as if they were trying to minimize the dreaded "jaggies" in Video mode by applying some odd processing or something and indeed on a static or barely moving image, the pic. looks decent and LESS jaggy than the 70, but then.... ACK!
    The best analogy is when VIDEO material is treated to look like FILM, like, stuttery....
    Could this have happened somehow by applying the ICOS chip mod. to make it region Free..? The owner of the internet store I bought it from says no. Or is this just a different chip from the 70? I've been throwing VIDEO sourced stuff at the new 600 all afternoon. When stuff was shot on VIDEO, it looks ok. Actually, quite a bit like film, like closer to a 24fr. per sec. rate... The U2 Elevation cocert DVD looks JUST like this, shot on VIDEO, then altered to look more Film-like, less Smooth... (odd, yes... The 70 did NOT do this.)
    But stuff shot on FILM, edited and mastered on VIDEO like ALOT of DVD docs. Music video comps. (U2, etc...) Look REAL bad.

    Did I just get a BUM unit? FILM mode is perfect, actually looks SHARPER than the it does on the 70. Not a bad thing I guess... But The Video mode is unwatchablein 480P.

    Can any Malata owners tell me how their units are doing? Has anyone compared the PQ of the JVC to the Malata? I believe there are 5 modes on this, like the JVC-70. Which would be great. If I only had the VIDEO 2 mode from the JVC-70 on the 600, I'd be golden, but I fear they screwed up with by going to 3 modes. I know the Malata and the JVC use the same mediamatics chip, but would anything else affect the PQ? Mpeg decoder etc...? Also, how would the FILM mode for R1 Ntsc discs compare. They look great on the 70 and the 600.

    I might be returning this unit so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanx! dave

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