Magnolia Press Release: The Yankles (Blu-ray)

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    Winner Of Best Comedy At The International Family Film Festival, Audience Choice Best Comedy At The Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, Audience Choice Best Feature At The Palm Beach International Film Festival And The Golden Ace Award At The Las Vegas Film Festival, The Yankles Hits A Home Run On Blu-Ray And DVD June 5 From Magnolia Home Entertainment

    “The perfect sports film for any age.”
    - San Diego Jewish Journal

    “The Yankles is home run!”

    Winner of nine film festival awards, THE YANKLES is anything but your typical baseball movie. Starring Don Most (Ralph Malph in “Happy Days,” The Great Buck Howard) and Bart Johnson (High School Musical franchise), THE YANKLES slides into homes on June 5 on Blu-ray and DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment.
    When a down-and-out ex-baseball player, Charlie Jones (Brian Wimmer), needs to meet his community service hours as a coach and no one wants him, it takes an obscure orthodox yeshiva baseball team to get him to see the light. The humorous match made in heaven has both Charlie and a group of aspiring rabb
    is reaching unexpected triumphs, which results in entrance to the college world series. With the championship victory in sight, will the Yankles and Charlie Jones be able to overcome their differences and achieve the ultimate grand slam victory?

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