M&K 750 MKII THX Select - complete 5.1 speaker system

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    The M&K 750 MKII THX Select has achieved near-legendary status in home theater. It was introduced to universal critical acclaim over 10 years ago, and MK Sound still sells the exact same system to this day. (How many AV components can you think of that have been unchanged for over a decade?)
    These speakers have given me years of outstanding performance, but since I'm upgrading to a built-in system, it's time for me to let them go. They're in excellent shape, both sonically and cosmetically. (There's a tiny scuff and a minor ding on the subwoofer, but nothing else worth mentioning. Also, for some reason, both front speakers are labeled "right channel," although there doesn't seem to be anything left- or right-specific about them. This doesn't seem to affect performance, and I suspect that this was just a printing error in manufacturing -- but in the interest of full disclosure, I thought I should let you know.)
    This system consists of a matched set of LCR-750THX Front Speakers, Center 750THX Center Speaker, S-550THX Surround Speakers, and a V-1250 12" Powered Subwoofer, designed to work together optimally. For more specs and details, see this review and the current product page.
    I paid over $2000 when I bought these new. (In fact, I think the price may have gone up since -- the front speaker pair alone goes for $1100 at Best Buy.) They have previously sold on this forum, used, for well over $1000. I'm asking $950 for a quick sale, plus shipping (or pick up in St. Louis, MO).
    EDIT: Added photo.

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